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The HyCooker

An innovative green energy solution that will transform the way communities and families in regions worldwide prepare food. This revolutionary device uses green hydrogen to generate a cooking flame.

The HyCooker, a green hydrogen fuelled cooking solution, is a monumental step forward for communities across the globe – particularly for women and children. By providing a safe, clean fuel option that can be used indoors and outdoors, the cutting-edge HyCooker helps protect the environment from toxic pollutants and enables users to cook with healthier alternatives.  

To make this a reality, we looked for a safe and steady cooker or burner that can be used for cooking on green hydrogen. We couldn’t find a certified one that met our demands. That is why we have developed a prototype with the help of the Energy Transition Centre (EnTranCe), a research institute and centre for expertise in energy in Groningen. That prototype must now be further developed by 3Force BV and adapted to the cultural needs of cooking in different regions and also certified for these different ways of cooking. After that, we roll out the HyCooker based on needs and together with regional partners.

Great attention is given to safety, such as the color and smell of the flame, ensuring that supply shuts off when the flame goes out, ensuring that the HyCooker device stands firmly, the spread of the high temperature, and more.

In addition to the technical development, we are making progress on finding effective and efficient methods of supplying green hydrogen to the users of the HyCooker. The HyCooker is part of a broader approach, the so-called Sustainable Hydrogen Valley approach, in which attention is paid to the entire value chain of green hydrogen. For more info about the Sustainable Hydrogen Valley approach and the value chain visit

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