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We offer an opportunity to help make a real difference in communities around the world through green energy solutions. We invite you to join us in this effort by supporting our HyCooker program, which is transforming the way families prepare food through green hydrogen-based cooking. By donating to our HyCooker program, you can directly support the development of green hydrogen-powered cookers that use clean energy and allow for healthier air quality for communities throughout the world. Investing in this innovative solution today means investing in a brighter future for generations to come. So join us at Impact Hydrogen and donate now to empower those around the globe with green energy.

In this phase (2023), a donation will contribute to the technical (including safety) development of the HyCooker and the certification for roll-out in India and Africa. For €150,000 we can develop the HyCooker and for €500,000 we can launch roll-out in India and at least two African regions.  

We offer sponsorships for individuals and organizations for which we have developed a sponsorship program that aims to provide partnership, social media publicity, contribution to SDGs, and an opportunity to off-set carbon emissions through a certified program in a specific region or country.  


We offer two tiers of sponsorship:

Silver donations of €10,000 - 49,999 help us carry out testing and communication for the HyCooker.

Gold donations of €50,000 or more allow you to be part of the larger initiative in a specific region.

Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring our HyCooker initiative, and to discuss corporate tax benefits and carbon emission off-set!

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